Activating Responsibly – Post COVID-19

What will Fan Activation look like post COVID-19, and how will be be able to activate responsibly now that sporting events are coming back but fans are not able to attend, and in the future when they are allowed back in..?

We are already seeing a number of initiatives being proposed across sports that are resuming, including mobile testing units at stadiums, RFID tracking of people at golf courses to manage social distancing and the implementation of increased signage and infrastructure to create a suitable environment.

It is something that we have been thinking about a lot, as I am sure you can imagine and we will be able to continue activating responsibly for brands.   

Obviously at the forefront of all of our thinking is safety. 

The biggest shift envisage, is the increase of online activations – if you cannot bring people together as a group, lets engage them via online platforms and gaming.  At the heart of Fan Activation is someone experiencing something and taking away a memory and then (hopefully) sharing it. 

Digital Activations were already becoming increasingly popular and a digital takeaway was becoming standard, to extend the experience for the fan and to enhance the reach of the brand, product, or event.

There are so many ways to engage with people through digital channels. From a basic social challenge such as a football club setting a Keepy Uppy challenge and rewarding the winner with a signed team shirt; to bespoke made branded video games which people can participate in. That is the beauty of digital, the real limit is your imagination (and budget, but shh we wont dwell on that at the moment!)

We believe that this will also add a new layer to Fan Activation as we know it – not only will the fans at the events be able to experience the activation, but those not able to attend could also take part through a link to social channels for example or people signing up to take part through an on-line portal.  This means an even bigger audience for the brand or event – win win really (what can I say we are a positive group of people and always trying to look for the silver linings!)

But what will traditional brand activation look like and will it even be possible? 

The answer – yes it will definitely be possible. As specialists in this area we have already looked at any changes that we need to make, ensuring that government safety guidelines for each country are at the forefront of our planning whilst not compromising creativity or the enjoyment of the fan, all in all making sure it is a responsible activation. 

When you think about it, a lot of activations are one in one out – which gives the fan the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The use of online leaderboards and digitally sharable content ensures the competition element between individuals and groups of friends still drives the experience and the brand awareness further. 

We will implement social distancing elements to the areas, ensure a thorough sanitation process in between users, and ensure all of our team have the appropriate PPE equipment.  We have modelled what a consumer journey and Activation area could look like.

We would love to chat through your ideas for on-line activations and your thoughts on traditional activation for the future, drop us an email today at