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Fan Engagement

Redefining Fan Zones

With sport returning to the world there is still one thing missing. The Fans.. We had a meeting the other day where we discussed why people like going...

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Why don’t you have a Golf Simulator already?

OK, OK the title is a bit full on isn’t it – but seriously why don’t you?  We have put together our top 6 reasons why you shoul...

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Agency Services

What have we been up to?

Well it has been a while, sorry if you missed us!  As I am sure some of you reading this will appreciate we have been navigating our way through ...

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Furlough Life

When you are told you are being put on furlough a lot of thoughts race through your head.. have I not done my job well enough, will I ever go back to ...

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Activating Responsibly – Post COVID-19

What will Fan Activation look like post COVID-19 now that sporting events are coming back but fans are not able to attend, and in the future when they...

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Sports without fans

Sports without fans?

With the announcement of a lot of sports looking to start up again fans are of course overjoyed.  The absence of live sport has left more than a ...

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