So, 2020 – no one expected that did they… We remember when one of our colleagues went skiing in January, came in to work saying he felt super ill and we made light of that fact that he might have “The Rona”.  Not laughing anymore are we... (also don’t panic, he was OK)   

It’s safe to say that as a business we have been through a lot, like everyone, and have had to make some difficult decisions that ensure the future of the business.  We have looked at how we can diversify and support our clients, and we are happy to say we are still here – we have survived 2020.  

Instead of mulling on all the difficulties and depressing things that happened in 2020, we thought we would spend the days leading up to Christmas celebrating all the amazing things that did happen in our industry and the wider world. We couldn’t possibly get everything in to one blog post, but here are the highlights!  


The NBA and MLS go to Disney Land  

We are not sure how they pulled it off, but they did! The NBA and MLS restarted their seasons within the Disney Land resort.  The MLS resumed a month-long tournament from 8th July, the Disney site provided 17 playing fields and 1,900 rooms to house 24 competing teams. The NBA, which started back on 30th July, booked out three hotels to accommodate players from 22 franchises, in addition to coaches, team staff, media, broadcasters and league personnel.  You can read the full article here.   



UCI eSports World Championships

Cycling, historically a sport with some of the most epic backdrops went online this year, and for the first time held the UCI eSports World Championships on Zwift.  As well as the elite athletes having the opportunity to compete for the sought-after rainbow jersey, amateur cyclists could get involved as well, by competing in the ‘Nations Challenge’ on 5th and 6th December.  The Nations Challenge would be won by the country with the fastest average time across the course – so all riders’ efforts would count towards the contest. 

Backyard Boxing  

Way back in July, Eddie Hearn wanted to get UK Boxing back in the limelight after an enforced break due to COVID.   What did he do?  He constructed a “Fight Camp” in the back garden on the Matchroom Boxing HQ!  

The Golf industry boomed 

Our heritage is golf, so seeing the huge growth (figures below) in the sport this year has warmed our hearts.  

  • UK – 40% 
  • USA – 34% 
  • Europe – 27% 
  • Rest of the world – 7% 


To finish our round up, some news that we are particularly happy about is our formal partnership with BatFast, leaders in cricket simulation technology.  Provision will be the exclusive cricket activation partner of this state-of-the-art technology in the UK.  The partnership has been a year in the making and we have developed a product that allows anyone and everyone to experience BatFast for themselves.  We have developed 3 levels of experience so no matter the size of budget so everyone can now experience a stand-out BatFast activation. 


We are taking bookings for 2021 NOW – so give us a call or drop us an email today for your chance to have the best simulation technology at your event.   

For more good news stories from 2020, have a look on our socials… we hope that you have a much-needed break over the holidays and look forward to speaking to you all again in 2021.