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Designers Are Wizards

Each team within a business has their individual traits and talents, it is what makes them special. Our focus today is our amazing in-house creative team. Some might call them Wizards (can you tell the person who is writing this might love Harry Potter?)

But joking aside these guys are some of the most talented in the business. From their initial sketches to their fully rendered 3D visuals – we could not ask for a more accomplished group of people.

Our creative team are involved from the moment we get a brief in from a client. We put together the project team and have that initial creative session. You will have all have heard the “no idea is a bad idea” saying I am sure. I think for the most part that is true, it is not so much a bad idea but more “are you joking, how the hell am I going to build that” you quietly (or not so quietly) hear from the production corner!

The creative Wizards sit there quietly taking notes and scribbling constantly, every now and again pitching in their views and opinions. When the meeting comes to a close and the project leader says “so, everyone agreed and understand?” and you walk off thinking, I am not 100% sure I do understand but will be easier when I can see it visualised…

Design Studio

That’s where the Wizards come in.  They sit there buzzing away on their screens -more often than not plugged in so they do not have to listen to the rest of us chattering about fixing banners, and how much will that cost, and is that in budget?!   

Low and behold, within the day they send you their first draft of what they have visualised for you, how is it possible from the initial jumbled conversations and scribbles on a page they have created this?

Everything from the type of flooring to the environment they have set it in – it is just how you imagined it would be. Every single detail is thought through and designed so we can show our clients exactly how their finished Activation or Fan Zone will look. 

As well as being Wizards they are also Saints, or at least have the patience of one. All of the “could we just move the person to the left, could you change the header board, could you just” – apparently that job you think will be a quick change is sometimes a full day’s work – but they just smile and say, of course, no problem.

Design Studio
Design Studio

What is it about the job that they love? Our Head of Creative, Ben, who has been with the company since its inception tells us couple of inside nuggets.

“I love the process, the creative thinking, the team effort and evolution of ideas to a finished design. It is fast paced and high pressure, but I love it! Some of my favourite things I have designed since I have been at Provision include the American Golf Show at London Excel and The Arnold Palmer Experience at the 2019 and 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational – but there are so many more”

We pride ourselves on being able to support our clients from initial brief to visualisation to production to live. The same project team work with the client throughout to ensure a seamless experience for them.

The creative team are a huge part of the business, we cannot wait to see what they dream up next!