Did I hear you say New Services?

We have been working hard during this quiet period to look at the services Provision currently offer and what more we could do to support brands, agencies, tournaments, and anyone else who needs it in these uncertain times. 

We are passionate about getting our much loved industry back on its feet and moving forward, and we know that it will be a while until we are back to “normal”, and also appreciate that it will not be the “normal” that we are all used to.  It is times like these when companies and individuals need to adapt, and we have done just that.

We have added a few new strings to our bow that we think you are going to love.

Virtual design studio

We have an incredible inhouse creative team who normally dedicate their time to designing 3D Models of activations for our clients, artworking branding and developing digital & data capture solutions.  As if that wasn’t talented enough, they can do a lot more than this, and we are proud to now be able to offer a full Design Studio.

We can now support any type of design or creative need you have.  We appreciate that you may be working with a smaller team than usual at the moment, and we want you to know that we can step in and fill that gap.

We can offer anything from:

  • Ideation & Visualisation
  • Video Flythrough
  • Digital Solutions
  • Content creation – including Photography and Videography
  • Artwork & Templates
  • CAD & Technical Illustrations
  • Site Maps & Layouts for events
  • Interior design for hospitality, shops and back of house facilities
  • Branding solutions

Hand Santizer solutions

This is definitely the new normal – who now can’t quite believe they were not everywhere before?! We have partnered with a well-respected company who offer the best in the industry.  They are fully brandable units, available to hire or purchase, with built in technology that alerts officials when they need refilling.

Event Infrastructure

We have an experienced and skilled Production team who can build anything.  We know that going forward events are going to need a lot more infrastructure to keep fans, staff, vendors and athletes safe.  We can help you design and implement these.  We can build anything from a media tent with section partitions to sign posting and zone separation. 


We have always used technology in our activations but going forward we understand it will be even more valuable.  The technology we have at our disposal will be able to alert Event Director’s to patterns of high density areas, and understand where social distancing measures need to be strict -and if additional marshaling needs to be deployed.  Provision can support the production and implementation of the measures needed. 

Sustainable clothing

As a company we are passionate about making the industry more sustainable. We work with a fantastic team who manufacture 100% sustainable clothing.  Whether you require uniform or event merchandise, Provision can provide a solution for you and the team. 

Remember – these are all additional services we can now support you with, everything we already did is still there!

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help – info@provisionevents.co.uk