Furlough Life

When you are told you are being put on furlough a lot of thoughts race through your head.. have I not done my job well enough, will I ever go back to work, what am I going to do with my time, will I ever see my colleagues again…the list goes on and on and I am sure some of you who are reading this will 100% relate..We all now understand how vital the furlough scheme is to support the much loved companies we work for, and the reason we are on furlough, is so that we can go back to work in the future.  

We have been checking in with our colleagues to see how they are and to find out what they have been up to, have they developed any new skills, ticked off anything from the bucket list, finally watched all of the marvel movies in order so you actually understand what the hell is going on (no one else, no?)?!

We are pretty impressed with what we found out…

Jack Mitchell, Production Assistant

Haven’t we all secretly dreamed of having a small holding with a few animals, getting fresh eggs every morning?  For most of us that will always be a dream, but Jack and his family made a it a reality.  They have built quite possibility the most luxurious chicken coop we have ever seen, with again, quite possibly the cutest chickens we have ever seen. 

Alex Marsh, Client Services Assistant

With big furlough dreams of becoming a professional cyclist, the early days were promising… a few rides, building up the miles, enjoying the New Forest scenes.  A bet with his brother went a bit to far when he thought he could ride from Southampton to Brighton and back in a day after only riding for 4 weeks.. needless to say, it didn’t quite pan out.  Thankfully for Alex you were allowed back on the golf course (Alex is apparently the 2nd best golfer at Provision – hotly debated?!) and the bike has been left to gather dust once again in the garage… 

Shane Rowe, Production Director

We believe Shane has actually become a professional triathlete. Now training multiple times a day, and from the looks of his Strava he has cycled most of the roads in the south east and west and clocked up a few hundred kilometers running! Hopefully he will be willing to hang up his running shoes and pick back up the tools!

Sophie Colwell, Account Manager 

Big lover of cycling and walking, Sophie took the opportunity to do as much of each of those as possible.  In a moment of madness she decided to take on the Fox Way, and walk 40 miles in a day (what is wrong with these people…can’t anyone just chill the hell out and watch a box set?!)  She was also keen for us to know that she had completed 10 1,000 piece puzzles.. We are not sure how many you have to complete to become a master puzzler but sounds like she is well on her way..!



Amanda Howells, Finance/Office Manager (aka the one you can’t live without)

With two teenage kids who think it is super uncool to hang out with their mum, Amanda had her work cut out for her! Don’t worry though folks she persevered, and now.. Amanda and kids, besties! Loads of beautiful bike rides through the Hampshire countryside, BBQs and a few Gins – Amanda has been enjoying this time with her family.  She has also built her very own Gin Bar.. we know where we are heading when lockdown is lifted!

Simon Jones, Business Development Director

Was taken ill with Coronavirus very early on, thankfully he fully recovered and then spent the rest of his days hitting golf balls in his back garden… he is after that hotly debated 2nd best golfer in Provision slot.. watch out Alex! He also wanted us to know that his golf tan was VERY strong!

It is great hearing that the team are managing to fill their time and keep busy, but we are looking forward to them coming back to Provision HQ as soon as possible!