Getting your Sports Fix

Oh sports… we miss you… 

Please come back soon 🙁  

Sports fans around the world are lost since the temporary shutdown of games and tournaments last week, and have been left searching for something to the fill the void that live sports has left.  

It’s not all doom and gloom though.  As a result of this there have been some amazing examples of how the sports community are managing to cope, and fill that gap in the world. 

Below are three epic examples of how sports fans are getting their fix.  

1) Southampton FC Vs Manchester City FC…. at noughts and crosses?! 

The Premier League may have stopped but the competitiveness between clubs has not! Saints were due to play Norwich City and in a desperate act to give the fans something to cheer about, the brilliant social media team at Southampton FC decided to challenge Norwich City FC to a game of noughts and crosses on twitter! Norwich City didn’t want to play ball, and at half time an unprecedented substitute happened… Norwich City were replaced by Premier League juggernauts, Manchester City! In a thrilling end to end dual of noughts and crosses the game finished in a draw. The final tweet from Saints’ official twitter account received nearly 24k likes and 4k retweets! Just goes to show that fans are loyal to their club, no matter what sport they are playing! 

2) The World Cup… of Marble Racing??? 

9 minutes of adrenalin fueled action. Some might say, sports at its finest.  

We present to you: Marble Racing, the 2018 World Cup edition.  

This video resurfaced in the midst of the crisis when it was most needed, and has now reached over 11 million views on YouTube! In a thrilling eventthe tournament favourites made it to the final with ease, and there was even more World Cup heartbreak for England! Not to forget the true Cinderella story that unfolded 

NO MORE SPOILERSTake a look below.   

3) E-Sports 

E-sports has been bubbling beneath the surface for a while gaining extreme popularity… and now there is no live physical sports to watch, clubs around the world have been turning to virtual simulation to give the fans what they want to see.  

Our friends at Northampton Saints Rugby played their game against Wasps on Rugby ‘20 and then posted the highlights give the fans some sport to get behind. The video posted on twitter received over 33,000 views!  

We have said it before, and will say it again, the sports industry is a community.  We are loving how innovative clubs, teams and fans are being… share your stories with us over the coming weeks – we will be sure to keep you up to date with what we are doing..