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What have we been up to?

Well it has been a while, sorry if you missed us!  As I am sure some of you reading this will appreciate we have been navigating our way through the new landscape.  We are pleased to say that we have adapted our business model to support our beloved events industry for the interim period, (until we get back to our core Fan Activation business) our team are slowly coming off furlough, and we are looking ahead. 

We have of course been keeping up to date with our colleagues in the sector and recognise that everyone is having to adapt, and what has been so wonderful to see is the support that everyone is showing to each other. 

We know that the events world will resurface, stronger and more creative than ever, but until then we have other offerings that we know people are in need of.  Obviously, we are not straying to far from the path at all, what is that saying – stay in your lane?! We are specialists in creativity and production – yes sports are our main bag but these specialisms can be transferred to any industry.

Let’s start with our virtual design studio – a great option if you are in need of that little bit of extra support.  Our team really are some of the best in the business, supporting anything from  artworking and 3D modeling through to videography and photography. We wrote a blog on these guys a while back – you should check it out. 

Design Studio

In case you hadn’t noticed the world of Golf is booming, which we are thrilled to see (50% of the staff at provision are very keen golfers!) June saw a 70% increase in rounds played and this looks set to continue to rise.  To support this newfound growth in the sector Provision are pleased to announce that they are now the UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality golf nets.  These are perfect for honing your skills, ideal for practicing at home, or why not see if you can get one at your local club – always good for a bit of friendly competition and see who actually has the longest drive 😉

Golf nets and kit are not just for keen golfers though – the other 50% of the staff at Provision who are not golfers also love the activations – I mean who doesn’t love crazy golf or trying out a 30M long putt on their break? If you say you don’t, I wont believe you… these pieces of kit are great to have at the office – they break up the day, help with creativity and make it an enjoyable place to work – which in turn gives better output – win win I hear you say? 

We have a wealth of kit available to hire, including putting courses, simulators, nets and Long Putts – get in touch today to chat to one of our team. 

Between the members of our team we have worked across every sector within the events world.  Something we are very good at is designing and building unique exhibition stands.  We work with brands to understand their needs & ideas, and go on to design a bespoke stand for their clients to experience.  You can find out more about what we can offer here.   

While we are on the topic of exhibitions and events (see how I tried to Segway here, not one of my best I know) we have a full range of kit available to hire.  Everything from event technology through to large scale structures that form the centre piece of your event.  

For more information of hire or purchase of our kit, get in touch with one of our team today to discuss how we can support you.  

Inflatable nets