How should we be spending our time?

Like many businesses Provision Events have felt the impact of COVID-19.  I have lost count of the amount of conversations I have had that involve the terms – “unprecedented situation”, “I can’t quite get my head around it”, “everything is just so unknown”.  All completely true statements, and ones I still think every single day!  

We have sadly had to furlough some of our team, like I am sure many of you have.  There is a small skeleton team who are keeping the business moving forward in this extremely strange time – but just how are we supposed to be spending our time?

We want to be productive.

We want to be helpful.

We want to be useful.

And most of all, we do not want to be sat twiddling our thumbs.

The industry we work in normally moves at 200 miles an hour – blink and you have missed something.  Although stressful at times it is one of the things that we all thrive on and secretly (or not so secretly) love. 

We are also dealing with the new normal of working from home, how do we keep focused, how many cups of tea or coffee is reasonable, how do we stay civil to our partners, and have you ever been so good at the washing up (let’s look for the silver linings!)?

Constant messages on WhatsApp and on Teams to make sure people feel communicated with, and those quick conversations across the desk now need to be a scheduled phone call .. it’s all a little overwhelming isn’t it?  

But also, we just miss our colleagues. 

The banter over the desks, making fun of the MDs taste in music (trust me it’s terrible) and not being able to go to your mentors for support, in a situation when you probably need it the most.   

It is a strange time, but it has given us the one thing we never have enough of – time.  Time to write the policies, time to write the procedures, time to review the 3-year strategy – time to think.  All of the things that as a business you wish to be able to do, we now have that opportunity.

We asked the staff who are care taking the business for the rest of the team what the top things are that they have learnt in this strange old situation on how to keep focused and positive at work, here is what they said: 

  • Structure is key. Work in 1-2 hour blocks and interchange these with outside time and family time.  This will help keep you focused and productive.
  • Stay connected. Make sure you are talking to your colleagues on calls and video chats – do not just rely on messages and emails.
  • Make use of technology. There will be the inevitable frustrations that come with working remotely verses sitting next to someone and drawing exactly what you mean.  Making use of tools like Teams is a godsend for sharing screens and explaining everything.
  •  Focus on what you can control. There is a lot happening in the world right now that is out of your control.  Focus on the projects and situations that you can control and influence.
  •  Stay positive. Easier said than done at the moment, but we must remember to stay focused and look at all of the positive things that are happening in the world as a result of the crisis.  People are reconnecting with each other; people are seeing what means most to them, and people have time back – which is something that was a rare commodity for most people before this pandemic.  Let’s hope that we can protect our time when this crisis is over.



How are you spending your time?

Share your stories with us – we would love to hear them…

We are looking forward to the day that “normality” returns, but until that does happen, we will be using our time to strengthen the business even further, and ensure that our colleagues have a robust workplace to return to.