The Idea

The BB&T Atlanta Open Tennis tournament is a part of the USTA’s US Open Series in the lead up to the U.S Open in New York. The idea was to provide an active space for fans of all ages to enjoy themselves.  

The Process

Atlanta is a huge sports city in the United-States with 5 different major league franchises, it was extremely important that we use a variety of sports for these activations to would tap into the local sports culture.  We worked with the client to understand what motivated them to activate and really understand what they wanted Fans to feel when they took part in the activation.   

The Product

An area at the Atlanta Open Tennis for fans to try out different sports in a pressure free environment. Fans could try their hand at shooting some free-throws in the basketball challenge, supported by the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise -the challenge was to see how many they could make within a minute. Fans could also have a go at table tennis which was popular with groups of friends. The final activation was a soccer accuracy challenge which was supported by the local MLS Team, Atlanta United.

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