The Idea

A Solheim Cup inspired Fan Zone that encourages people of all ages and abilities to try out golf in a fun and pressure free environment.

The focus should be around the competition between the USA and European Teams.  

People should feel they have learnt something about the tournament as well as learning new golf skills.  

The Process

Golf is a unique sport where the majority of spectators are also avid players too. With this being the case, we had to come up with a variety of activities that could test the fans that play golf regularly whilst not being too hard for novice golfers.

This tournament is not your normal golf event, so it is naturally going to attract a more diverse crowd, which is why it was important to cater activities for people who maybe have never touched a club before, with the aim to inspire them to continue to play golf after the event has finished.

The Product

An area that is fun and engaging for kids as well as parents giving people the opportunity to either test or develop their golf skills. For people that had experience playing golf they could test their putting skills on the long putt, skee ball putt, the putting course, or the Street Golf putting zone. Fans could also test their chipping/pitching skills on the Knock ‘Em Down and Accuracy Challenge. For the fans who were inspired by what they had watched at Gleneagles, they could stop by the Coaching Range where they could get a free lesson from a PGA pro.

There was also an area specifically designed for kids to release their built-up energy,  which included a large ball-pit and climbing frame.      

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