The Idea

In 2018 Staysure took over the sponsorship of the Seniors Tour.  They wanted to attend a number of the Staysure and European Tour Events across the 2019 season.  The brief was something that had a big brand statement and the ability to capture data in a fun and interactive way. To educate people about the their products as well as the newly sponsored tour. 

The Process

After discussions with the client about brand values and who they would like to appeal to at the events, the design team came up with the concept of an area that could be scaled up and down as the stand would go to a number of events where the stand size would change.  Within the area there would be space for a TV for promotional videos, an area to educate on the tour and a game that people could take part in which would enable data capture. 

The Product

An interlocking walling system that could fit in to numerous sized tents, covered in branded stretch fabric that could be used a number of times without wearing.  A registration system for people to sign up to, to enable them to take part in a simulated putting competition.  Prizes were awarded each day to winners.  Within the stand there was a television that had promotional videos running about the different products that Staysure offer, which people could watch while they were waiting to take part.  We also designed an interactive quiz on touchscreen plinths to educate people about the tour. 

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