The Idea

Toolstation are the main sponsor for Northampton Saints.  They approached Provision to develop a rugby-based brand engagement activation that would appeal to all fans, offer an opportunity to capture data, educate people about their products and identify future prospects.  They also wanted that activation to be sharable through digital channels.       

The Process

The Provision team looked at the different skills that rugby players need to have, and ways for fans to experience that in a fun way.  Conversations continued around – What are the moments on the Rugby pitch that will make engaging social media content?  How can we capture data in an engaging way?  We worked with the client to understand their target audience, the messaging they wanted to push out and when and what prizes we could offer to fans as incentives to get involved.     

The Product

An activation based on rugby skills that gives fans a chance to feels like one of their heroes!  We developed two activation to meet the brief, that will run for the 2019/2020 season.  Fans have to register to take part in both activities.

A Kick & Pass Challenge: Fans have 1 minutes to score as many points as possible. They have to kick and pass a rugby ball alternatively through targets that go up in levels of difficulty.  Their score is then put up on to a leaderboard and sent to them as a memento. 

Crash Ball Challenge: Ever wondered what it is like to drive against a professional rugby player?! Well at Toolstation you can.  Fans have the opportunity to run at branded foam blocks whilst being filmed in slow motion – this video is then sent to them in a sharable file.       

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