The Idea

To design an area for kids with a multi-sport play theme that reflects the USOPC American Development Model.  The focus should be on creating a fun, positive and engaging atmosphere.  The Zone should encourage visitors to try, and to enjoy various sports. 

The Process

Trying new sports can be really daunting, especially if you are not naturally athletic.  We thought about the key sports that children would be closest to and how we could make having a go at them less intimidating, more fun and an experience they would remember.  We developed entry level skills for each sport that would make taking part more of a game. 

The Product

An engaging and interactive Kids Zone that offered numerous opportunities for kids to try out different sport with no pressure.  There were coaches to give people helpful tips, giving them an even fuller experience.  Children were encouraged to try at least three sports, which were then noted on their booklet (given to them as they entered the zone), to qualify for a free USTA gift.

What we did

connecting brands with sports fans worldwide 

The Zone looked like this:

  • Tennis: Practice your racket and accuracy skills – try hitting aerial and ground level targets, or use the mini-court for rallies etc.
  • Soccer: A control skills challenge that saw children dribbling a ball through interactive cones as they illuminated, as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Basketball: Shoot as many hoops as possible in a minute. Compete against the clock, and or your friend. Hoops at different heights to allow for different ages and abilities.
  • Ice Hockey: Test your aim and get the puck in the goal!
  • Golf Putt Skee: Get the highest possible score and have a go at putting at the same time.
  • Football / Agility Course: Carry a football through and around obstacles with a short sprint to finish
  • Photo Opportunity: Have your photo taken with a Flushing Meadows backdrop

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