The Idea

Create a touring football activation for fans of all ages and abilities to have fun testing their skills at various matches and junior festivals across the season, including Wembley finals. The experience needed to be in-line with Utilita’s accurate smart meters and energy saving initiatives and in particular their new ‘Energy High 5’ campaign. The activation included online engagement to help generate further interest and traction after the events.

The Process

We needed to find a way of integrating the brand’s messaging within an accessible football themed activity, while also introducing a scoring mechanism to help create the online engagement. Through our ideation and constant consultation with the client we were able to deliver a fantastic campaign which continues to tour and engage with new sets of audiences.

The Product

A fully branded physical football activation, featuring two challenges within one footprint. Fans had the chance to win large branded foam hands that match the Energy High 5 logo.  

At the first event, which took place at the EFL Carabao Cup Final at Wembley, more than 150 participants went through the experience in a 4-hour period.

Thousands of people who passed by stopped and encouraged the participant, meaning the Utilita brand was seen by a large % of the 80,000 attending.

What we did

connecting brands with sports fans worldwide 

1.      Power and Accuracy: Fans take 3 shots towards a target wall, branded with monetary savings that can be made by using energy smartly around the home. The first two shots score those amounts, and the third is a ‘hard as you can’ strike. The speed of kick is displayed, and added to the first two scores, making a cumulative set of points for the fan, who is then entered on to an online leaderboard, with prizes available for the winners.


2.      Reaction Speed: 5 LED fitness lights set on a branded wall, showing the 5 key-ways to make savings according to the Energy High 5 campaign, for example ‘Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms’. Fans have 1 minute to turn off as many of the lights as possible as they illuminate at random. 

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