Provision Travel Diary: Japan

Provision Travel Diary: Volume 1

Destination: Japan.

Activation: Dive for a Try. 

Event Managers: Ed Turney & Taro Rowe.

Distance to destination: 5,870 miles.

The best fact we could find: Japan has the most vending machines in the world.   

In the first edition of the Provision Travel Diary we look at the team’s recent experiences in Japan. Japan is a place that is currently drawing a lot of attention from the sports world, with the recent 2019 Rugby World Cup being staged there as well the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games. With this being the case, we thought there would no better place to start our Provision Travel Diary!

Team Provision were in Japan at the 2019 Rugby World Cup running a Dive for a Try activation at 4 of the locations that the tournament was taking place.   Fans got to dive off a springboard, into a foam pit whilst being filmed in slow motion.  Fans were then sent their video as a keep sake, and to shout about what they had been up to on their social media. 

We caught up with Provision Event Manager, Ed Turney about his time over in Japan:  

What did you enjoy about being in Japan?

I loved the people, the food and the general atmosphere!  Everyone attending the games were overjoyed to be there, they were by far the happiest fans I have ever met!

Where was the best place you ate?

There was an amazing ramen place just outside of Tokyo.  I was sat shoulder to shoulder between Japanese businessmen powering down slow cooked pork ramen..

How easy was it travelling?

Travelling by car was a little bit slow but very easy to navigate, the same was for the trains.  Rush hour was very hectic!

How was Japan compared to home?

So different in almost every single way! Probably one of the cleanest countries I have ever visited for sure.  The countryside is lovely to… it is a little more expensive than the UK but all is worth it.

How did the fans interact with the activation?

The fans absolutely loved it!  People were really excited and there was constantly a line of about 30+ people waiting to give it a try!

What can we expect to see at the Summer Olympics in Japan?

An amazing clean Olympic Games! Having spoken with a lot of locals, they are absolutely buzzing for next summer’s Olympics! Hopefully, I will be there too 😊

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