Fan Engagement

Redefining Fan Zones

With sport returning to the world there is still one thing missing. The Fans..

We had a meeting the other day where we discussed why people like going to sporting events – yes of course they love the sport but it is more than that, it is the shared experience with other passionate fans -that is what people are missing.  As specialists in fan engagement, we have been looking in to ways to enable this to happen safely, so that brands can still engage with their audiences, fans can share the highs and lows together and the athletes can still be connected to their supporters.

Below we will share a couple of our ideas with you – we are of course not going to tell you everything – if you want to know more, you will have to get in touch with us!

Downtown experiences

These are a huge draw for tournaments, it means that brands can engage with a wider group of people, rather than just those attending.  Provision have built and delivered countless downtown experiences, ranging from 30M Long Putts on the Liverpool Docks to full scale Fan Zones for thousands of people in the centre of Paris. 

We have designed a fully scalable experience that adheres to all government advised social distancing measures (safety will always be our number one priority).  The Fan Zone would have covered seating areas, a place to get food and drink and merchandise tents. 



What makes this Fan Zone stand out is the connection between the stadium and the fans.  There would be a large screen for fans to watch the tournaments on from socially distanced pods, a photo opportunity where the images would be live streamed in to the stadium where athletes would be able see them, and most importantly, the experience of share an atmosphere with other fans!  

This would bring some normality back to sport for all and is a great opportunity for brands to engage with their fans in a socially distanced, safe environment.  Of course, everything would be fully customizable with strong branding opportunities.  

Fan Zones

Bringing the Fan Zone to you

Don’t want to travel?

No problem at all – we will bring the experience to the fan!

Imagine a fully branded truck turns up at your door on game day, stocked with:

  • Complementary drinks
  • All your favorite snacks
  • A high definition projector and screen
  • Surround sound
  • Premium seating

All for you and your mates – you would be the envy of everyone – just imagine the social media gloating rights #LivingTheDream

There are so many options with this idea, brands can use their athlete partnerships to film personalized messages to fans, memorabilia could be displayed, a live link to the stadium for two-way communication and photo opportunities galore!   

Brands have the option to run online interactive competitions to see which lucky fan would win this experience – this would be another layer to the brand engagement piece enabling the campaign and contact with fans to continue for longer. 

Interested in the above, and hearing about the other cool ideas we have about the new look brand activation?  Contact one of our team to discuss your ideas and needs today.