Why don’t you have a Golf Simulator already?

OK, OK the title is a bit full on isn’t it – but seriously why don’t you?  We have put together our top 6 reasons why you should rush out today and get one.. or if you are reading this and you already have one – maybe get another one, or just agree with everything we are saying?!  We might be biased but we think simulators are the best!

1.Being the Best 

This doesn’t mean you will be the best golfer to ever walk the planet, it means being the best you and playing your best game.  Getting the most out of your shots, having the best rounds and constantly improving – isn’t that what Golf is all about?  Simulators are great for practice, they give you the opportunity to try out different clubs, balls, and swings in a controlled environment where you can see the changes and impacts in real results.  


2. Rain never stops play

Imagine being able to play golf 12 months of the year (is that heaven to your ears?!) well with a simulator this dream is a reality.  You wake up thinking you will go and play 18 holes with your friends, look out the windows and you can’t see for high winds and rain – no problem.  Head to the simulator and play a round in there.

3. Play like a Pro

One of the most wonderful things about simulators is the fact that you can play almost any course in the world.  Walk in the footsteps of your heroes and see how you fair on courses such as St Andrews or Pebble Beach.


4. Time Management

We all know that 18 holes of golf is more than a couple of hours, it’s the travel, the chat, the drink in the 19th hole! If you don’t have time to fit all of that in but want to hit a few shots, then simulators could be a great option for you– spending a couple of hours practicing your shots could make all the difference the next time you are out on the Golf Course.  

5. Game Improvement

Ever wanted to get the edge on your buddy?  Now you can – get some secret squirrel practice in at home and then next time you are lining up for that final putt – pow pow.. where did that come from!?

6. Time to get Social

Get your mates over for a friendly competition…! Why not choose a luxury course somewhere sunny and hot – it can be summer all year round in a simulator– why not pretend you are Tiger taking on the iconic course at Pebble Beach.  Set up a leaderboard, get the beers in and play for never ending bragging rights.   

Still not convinced about the benefits of simulators? Take it from our Business Development director Simon Jones who is golf mad – “I love it for practice! The technical feedback from a simulator for better players is key to determining ball flights and data feedback to find flaws in your game”

Now we have told you all about how great simulators are, are you surprised that we can help you get your hands on one?  Check out the simulators we have on offer or contact one of our team to discuss today.