Sports Activation – is that even a thing?

Sports activation, brand activation – you have probably heard all of these phrases thrown around but what do they really mean and what can they do for your brand? 

The world is a noisy place, it is estimated that people are exposed to 5,000 marketing messages every day*.  When you want to engage with your brand followers, you need something that will cut through the noise and mean something to them.

Activation means bringing a product or brand to life through an engaging and interactive experience for an individual.  You have most likely taken part in an activation before but might not have even realised.  Think about events you have attended – were there any photo booths, have you taken part in a game or tried a sport somewhere – all of these are activations. 

Provision Events specialise in Sports Activations.  They make events more engaging for the fans and add another layer to the tournaments.  Having delivered over 1,400 activations across the globe, here are our top 5 tips on delivering a successful activation.    

1. Listen to the client 

What do they actually want, what are their brand values and what do they want to achieve from activating?  Before you start telling them all the amazing things YOU can do, make sure you have understood what they actually need. 

2. Always check with the Production team

We are proud that at Provision, really imaginations are the only limitation to what we can build.. but before you promise the client that they can have an exact replica of Twickenham Stadium and have all of the 2019 RWC squad taking swan dives from the roof, whilst taking a slow motion video – just check in to see if that is possible!

3. Content is King 

We live in a digital age where people eat up content…we all know the “if it is not on Instagram did it really happen” scenario..  any kind of activation needs to give the consumer a memento – you know how much you love a GIF.  This not only gives them something to take away, but the reach of your brand automatically increases with every post you are tagged in and every time the hashtag is used. 

4. Make it memorable 

To stand out from the crowd you need to create a lasting memory and ride the campaign wave… can you remember what you did 10 minutes ago let alone what you did last week?  Successful activations create a lasting memory and give those who took part a story to tell with the tools to tell it. 

5. Meet the brief  

Its all very well creating an all singing all dancing activation that looks great and is fun to take part in – but did you actually meet the brief?  Which takes us back to the number one rule – listen to your client. 

If you have any questions on activating or would like to chat through how we can help you cut through the noise get in touch today to chat to one of our team

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