The Provision Story

What do you get when two Golf professionals who have known each other most of their lives decide to change career?  One of the best Sports Activation Agencies in the world, that’s what.  With Nick heading up the Development side of the Business and Konrad heading up Production, the two had a very complimentary set of skills.    

The story starts way back in 2004 (when did 2004 become way back?!) when Nick and Kon decided to buy some inflatable nets and take them along to not only golf events, but other events where you might not expect to see golfing activities – think County Shows.  The idea here was to open up golf to a wider audience, make it more accessible and give fans something to engage with away from the 18 holes of golf.       

This idea became popular very quickly and it wasn’t long before they were attending all of the major European Tour Events offering free golf lessons to fans attending the tournaments.  The first big brand that the team worked with was HSBC.  Provision organised and delivered a road show where the nets visited 9 locations across the UK and delivered 4,800 free golf lessons. 

It didn’t take long for the team to discover how the use of technology in activations could enhance the experience for the fan.  Being able to simulate different sporting situations and offering the fan a full sensory experience became the core of Provision’s business. 

2009 saw the team deliver their first event in America, and since then Provision has delivered over 1,400 activations in the USA and across the globe. 

Nick and Konrad, keen sportsmen themselves wanted to offer this kind of experience to other sports fans away from Golf.  They developed activations that simulated Golf, Cricket, Tennis and even Fishing – really your imagination was the only limitation!

In 2014 the company delivered a Ryder Cup activation, and after looking back at how much they had grown, made the decision to take the business to the next level.  So, what started as a few inflatable nets, is now a global company who employ over 30 people and have delivered Fan Zones at some of the world’s biggest sporting events. 

The company is based on 3 core values:

  • We are likeable
  • We just get on with it
  • We are the experts

Matt Lomasney chatted through his thoughts on the company’s growth… 

“If someone told me when I joined Provision that within 18 months the company would have grown from 10 people to 30 and that we would have delivered Fan Zones at the world’s premier sporting events – of course I would have believed you.  I saw the potential the business had and knew we could be the best.  

2019 has been particularly eventful.  We took time to recruit talented individuals who are the best in their field – growing our Production, Marketing and Business Development teams.  This year also saw us move to a new location where our offices and warehouse have now been combined, which has streamlined our production processes immensely and also means the whole team are together, which is important to us.  

The nature of the work that we do has not changed drastically but the number of brands and organisations coming to us has increased hugely.  This is something we only want to continue to build on for the future.  We have made huge steps in breaking into other sports such as: Snooker, Pool, Tennis and Rugby. 

2020 is another big year for Provision.  It will see us have a permeant base and team in the USA, and also see us continue to streamline our processes to ensure we continuously improve client care. 

I have relished guiding and supporting the business through this period of growth and cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for Provision”