We went to Confex…!

Let’s set the scene – you walk through the doors and you are greeted by a robot, there are pyrotechnics on your left and people in top hats making drinks that are smoking on the right – we can only be in one place.. International Confex 2020!

What an event – if you haven’t been – you should go.  It is an amazing place where the events industry meets. 

Some of our team spent a few hours wandering the isles chatting to suppliers and getting creative!  It is vital for an agency like ours to have time in environments like this, to let the mind wander and get inspired.

Keeping up to date with new technologies and products out there is a must – we don’t want to, and won’t be left behind.  We are always looking ahead to the next trend the, next game, the next, the next, the next… will it ever stop – we certainly hope not!

Some of the coolest stuff we saw included (but definitely not limited to) was:

  • Making yourself in to a hologram – any one that grew up in the 90s and loves red dwarf – child hood dream made..oh yeah!
  • Shoving your Production Assistant in to a container and filming him catching as many balls as possible while saying “its research Alex – you are doing great”
  • The flexible LED screens – a paradise for anyone in the events industry.
  • Not quite so exciting but looking at reception desks, and all the models out there – you probably wouldn’t believe how often we discuss the best type of reception desk to use.
  • Going green. We all know that the events industry has a lot of waste, and at Provision we are looking at ways we can reduce this.  It was awesome talking to suppliers about how they are combatting this and the products that they have on the market to replace non-recyclable materials. 


It is great seeing all of this, and planning how we can relate it to the projects we are working on.  It is also a lot of fun – we choose to work in events for a reason.!

Gary Whelan, our Director of Client Services talks us through some of his main takeaways from the event:

  • Sensory experiences are more prominent than ever!
  • Photo capture and sharing is developing so rapidly – consumers instinctively know how to use photo touch points and kiosks due to their use of smartphones and other tech in their daily lives, so they are comfortable approaching them and using them independently – as long as the output is exciting enough.
  • Giving people personalisation opportunities is really engaging and photo opportunities with their favourite celebs/athletes is gold dust.  


Oh, and we had a stand there!

Simon Jones, one of our Business Development Directors tells us why it is important for Provision to head to Confex.

We chose to exhibit at Confex because it brings together a range of existing and potential new clients under one roof. We are able to showcase the full Provision capabilities to a range of brands, agencies and rights holders. The show also offers an insight to the team of new and innovative ideas that we can research and include in client proposals, to ensure we are always pushing boundaries”.